About Us

About Us

The economic realm is always in a state of flux. For the past few years now, we have been living in an increasingly unpredictable world. This business climate has made it especially tough for small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Knowing the latest trends can determine whether your business succeeds or fails. For instance, a decade ago, a number of businessmen were able to see the financial crash coming. Equipped with this knowledge, they were able to take the necessary precautions and cash in before everything went downhill. Staying ahead of the pack has become a matter of survival.

Knowledge and information, these two things have since become the currency that fuels our economy. An entrepreneur would be smart to keep these things in check at all times. After all, you cannot run your business blindly. Business decisions have to be made with proper knowledge in mind.

Being informed is crucial to your business’ success. This perennial need for the latest information is the one which Mumpo seeks to address. Our news pieces, feature articles, and business advice section all aim to give you the tools you need to bring your business forward.

Stay informed, stay smart. Be sure to follow us.