Meet Our Team

Cindy Rivera

Cindy Rivera is a Co-Creator of Astonish Email. The fastest and convenient email marketing scheme created to cater small and medium enterprises. For the past six years, Cindy’s works helped SME’s in building valuable relationships with their business partners through email marketing. You can access Astonish Email at for free.

Vince James

Vince James is the Project Specialist Manager for an Accounting Software. It offers a free support software collection services. Vince has been invited to speak over 10,000 companies in serving them achieve success in business through investment on intelligent software. He has been writing greatly on business software and ERP.

Mark Skye

Mark Skye is a freelance Marketing Consultant positioned in Kansas City, KS. He graduated at University of Minnesota School of Journalism and specializes in the field of marketing, digital strategy and public communications. In her decades of experience, she contributed a lot to different business in terms of marketing and publications.

Rex Earl

Rex Earl is the Content Manager of an outstanding tourism company. In the year 2007, Rex completed his Masters in Journalism and became a content writer. During his free time writing novels and short stories at the same time establishing a satirical website. Currently, Rex is also a Search Engine Optimization Executive in a growing and leading business in the United Kingdom.

Amanda Han

Amanda Han is a managing director of Keystone CPA, Inc., a firm which specializes in comprehensive financial and tax strategies for business owners and investors. Extensive experience has allowed Amanda to take top-notch tax and financial strategies that are traditionally only available to Fortune 500 companies and bring them to the small business owners’ community. Amanda is a frequent contributor and educator to some of the nation’s top investment companies and is a leading expert on retirement investing.

James Snow

James Snow is the CEO of CBAC Funding, an account financial company. The company’s corporate social responsibility is helping the small and medium enterprises checking and balancing the cash flow of their businesses.

Danielle Sy

Danielle Sy is the Director of Keystone CPA, Inc. This firm is exclusively working on a complete tax and financial strategies for business investors and owners. Danielle is an expert on retirement investing and she has been teaching to some of the top investment companies. Through her expertise, Danielle allowed top-notch tax and financial strategies to bring them to the small business owners’ community.