Photo Booth Rental: Which Type Best Suits Your Event?

Throwing a party? Make sure your guests have fun in taking pictures, without the monopod.

Why rent a photo booth for your next event? It is a smart choice and it is practical. You have a large market of photo booth rental services companies to choose from. It should be easy. Or maybe not?

Read on and find out what unique features these kinds of business has to offer and which one may work best for your occasion.

Fun photo booth rental

The Enclosed Photo Booth

Enclosed photo booths use some sort of concealment that covers them up. It may be in the form of curtains, or wood or metal panels which make up a cubicle. It may also be an actual room in the events area. The walls of the booth use different, colorful backdrops for more amusing effects. There are also unique props and standees, and unusual masks and headdresses for the guests to put on for their wacky poses. You can choose to have seats available or not.

Enclosed photo booths have a gone a long way from being the classic, blunt vertical cubicle. They are offered in different varieties these days.

The traditional enclosed one can be in vintage style. It is the type that has an original, old-fashioned look and feel to it, incorporated with the latest technology in photography. On the other hand, traditional enclosed booth in retro style is an evolution from the vintage design that they can be similar in some aspects but differs significantly as a photo booth in retro style are mobile, perfect for the booth to be able to roll around the area practically bringing the photo services to the guests. It is like an “open booth” in the sense that it can make use of the whole location as it roams around, only in a cubicle. Sounds fun, right?

Enclosed types in modern style are just as it says it is – modern. They are collapsible and can be moved around easily and be lifted to a higher building floor. They are great for capturing candid moments because as soon as the guests get in the modern style cubicle, cameras start rolling. This style of booth also aims to maximize its accommodation of people who wish to have their photos taken so the booth usually does not have seats in it.

The Open Photo Booth

Photo booth propsOpen types, as the name utterly suggests, are not confined in any kind of enclosure.

One popular style of the open type is the “photo booth studio.” It works the way a professional images studio functions. There is the use of professional-grade lighting panel, high-end cameras and other equipment of guaranteed high quality. The “photo booth studio” style creates a great ambience and experience for the people at the event. They get to pose for professional photographers who deliver great images results. Guests are thus able to enjoy the professional attention and photo-capturing the Hollywood red carpet way.

In the general sense, open photo booths bring the advantage of having wider area and hence more enjoyable atmosphere for the photoshoot. More people get to fondly interact with each other as they make fun memories and get them captured on camera. Enclosed types may be offered in quite a number of styles but there are limitless possibilities to an open type too since the whole events place practically serves as the “booth.”

Final Thought

Now that you have an idea about the selection of photo booths available, which do you pick? What may work best for your upcoming gathering? Have you considered the area? Which is the most realistic and practical choice for you?

Consider your responses to these pointers and then make a decision.