How Professional HVAC Contractors Can Extend the Life of Your System

Broken AC Unit Leads to Uncomfortable HomeDid you ever experience where you know something is wrong with your AC and you got scared? Scared because calling for service can cause convenience and cost money. To diagnose heating, ventilation and air conditioning problem or otherwise known as HVAC you need to work through the hidden parts of the unit.

Many people are dependent on their HVAC unit for their family’s convenience. You can’t live at home without the air-conditioning unit on when the temperature rises. It’s just like living in a dirty home when you are very meticulous in cleanliness. While you think that fixing these means money but there are common HVAC problems which you can fix yourself. Even without prior training, you can do things on your own.

Typically, There Are HVAC Issues Which You Can DIY Like These:

1. Dirty Filters

Dirty filters can negatively impact the function of your system. Even if your system is the most modern one, but if the filter is dirty there’s no use of being modern. Many HVAC issues emanate from the lack of routine maintenance, and one of this is changing your filters periodically. Clean filters allow fresh air to circulate well. After switching your unit on, it gives that cooling effect quickly.

2. Ignition Problems

When you have trouble switching on your system, then the problem may be with the ignition. Some electrical components need to be replaced. At this point, you can call experts at Classic Air Conditioning and Heating – San Marcos if you can’t accurately pinpoint the problem.

3. Thermostat Settings

It may not work because the settings are wrong. Obviously, if this happens, then you just need some thermostat manipulation. If you’re using the digital systems, then it can be fixed with the remote control settings.

4. Wear and Tear

Over time your HVAC system experiences wear and tear. If you have diagnosed the part which needs replacement, then ask professionals to do it if you are incapable of doing it yourself.

5. Uneven Cooling

When the cooling effect is not evenly distributed, or it has trouble reaching other corners of the room. This issue may not directly connect with the unit itself. Air may have a way of escaping from your home, e.g., there may be windows which are not sealed.

How Do You Hire HVAC Contractors?

When you realized that your HVAC system has serious issues, you have to hire professionals. Here are things you need to ask the experts before they start their work:

Check Licenses

Typically, HVAC contractors are required by the government to be licensed. Often individual cities and municipalities have their requirements for contractors. Be sure to ask a copy of their licenses.

Bond and Insurance

There is a minimum requirement for insurance and bonds. All professionals who work in your home are required to carry a liability insurance to protect the homeowners in case of accidents or injury.


Ask for a list of their customers whom you can contact and verify whether their performance was at par.

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Experience with the Brand or System You Are Using

Be sure the contractor is familiar with your HVAC system. Make sure they have relevant experience.

Payment Schedule

Your agreement must be laid on the table because some big jobs require a considerable sum of money.


Like any other maintenance needed in your home, HVAC services is a must. Always ask professionals to do the repair and preventive maintenance on your HVAC system to extend the lifespan of your unit.