Social Media Solutions for Busy Executives: Even the CEOs Are on Different Platforms

Top executives, although relatively slowly, are increasing their presence in the cyber world dominated by the social media. Perhaps, these busy men have realized that they too need to be on the different social media platforms, or at least on some of the more popular of them, because the target market and potential clients of their businesses are highly probably on there. If you are one of these all-time occupied executives, you probably have understood that these prospect buyers of the products or services your enterprise offers need to know that you, in point of fact, exist and that you are here for them, in their service, only from some fancy carpeted corner office.

Social media Platforms for busy people
And the question you probably frequently ask is, “Do I have to be there myself?”

Newsflash, there are several social media solutions for busy executives like you out there ready to cater to your utilization troubles of social media. You just have to find the right one solution, or two, that will work optimally for you and the commerce that you are in.

But first, let us talk about why being on social media is good for you, Sirs and Madams.

Social Networking Perks

Social media tools, used in the correct manner and at its optimum, can serve a great deal in productivity and continuous success of your business.

Not only do you input information about what your profession and trade, but social networking also provides you with details about your customers as well as competitor brands. Just think search engines use.

Advertising and marketing brought to social networks and for free, except of internet data fees, of course, drive more sales for you. They are a vehicle you get in and ride and for the most part, free of charge.

You get to meet and interact with your consumers firsthand, although virtually. Think celebrities and models, they update their fanatics and talk to them on comments box in real-time. And think about it even more, even Heads of States and the Papal Nuncio are on microblogging application Twitter, and actively at that. It is a smart move for them that makes them able to reach out to the vast majority all across the globe for purposes of press releases and sharing of their own personal pieces of wise words. It enables them to invite trust, through cyber visibility and presence, from the people who follow them and the news involving them. It can be a smart move for you, executives, too, and for similar reasons and intentions.

Social media is a platform accessible to the world where you can put out there simple greetings of acknowledgment and gratitude for your business’ patrons. You can also inform them of your busy day and so they know that you are in action at work to serve them better and deliver higher quality products. With social networking, you get personal with your consumers to a regulated yet significant degree.

Engage with CEOs in Social Media

DIY, Correctly and Effectively

There are add-on tools structured to help moderate your time spent on social networks and hence they still enable you to get the actual job done.

There are functionalities specific to each social media brand. Take Tumblr, for instance, it has a feature that allows you to draft a blog entry that is scheduled for posting in the future and it actually posts itself on that later schedule by adjusting the “post date” functionality. You can also do this on Facebook and Twitter using some third party applications.

There are also metric tools available through which you can view the number of impressions and engagements your posts have driven to them. Analyzing traffic drawn to your social media accounts is helpful in assessing how you are faring at advertising yourself and your business and where to make adjustments and improvements in what you put out there.

Furthermore, there are a few other reminders to bear in mind. Keep things simple and amicable. Do not get too technical when releasing facts and details. Speak with sincerity and never sound or be haughty in your tone and choice of words. Do not be boring and do not be absent on any day regardless how occupied you are on a manic Monday in the physical world of your office.

Outsourcing The Job

Yes, you have a heap of documents to review and sign. So, do so and be a great leader. And while at it, maximize utilization of the tools and save time. Contract with Roosterly and make great progress on your online presence, visibility and interactions, while managing to attend to the real desk work of top honchos.

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