Why Get an Online Financial Advisor

Do you need advice in running your finances but don’t have the time meeting a personal advisor?

You can look for Life’s Great financial advisors online.

As an adult in the UK, who has a lot of responsibilities and obligations, your days and weeks may be filled with different tasks to finish, and you still have to balance work and family. At the same time, you also have to take care of your finances for a better financial stability and security in the future.

But again, you don’t anymore have the time to study how to manage your finances. It will take time and you don’t have time for that. You have business to think in mind and the welfare of your loved ones also. That is why financial advisers are there: to help you in managing your finances.

But what if again, that instead of meeting a financial advisor from time to time, you’d rather spend it with your family?

Did you know that you can spend time on other things and still get a financial advisor?

Yes, you can, as there already are financial advisors, online which can help you in your finances such as getting insurance, etc.

What Is an Online Financial Advisor?

An online financial advisor, or also known as a “robo-advisor” is an online financial management service that uses intelligent algorithms to automate financial advice online.

A robo advisor reads your profile and from that, gives you the best financial management solutions online that fits your current state and financial capability.

Online financial advisers typically work to those who do not yet have enough funds to get a personal adviser, or to those who do not have time to get and meet to discuss his/her finances.

What Are the Benefits of an Online Financial Adviser?

There are a lot of reasons why you should get a robo-advisor. Some of the big reasons are because:

1. Robo-Advisors Give Advice at a Less Expensive Rate

Hiring a traditional financial advisor can be quite costly, that is why only a few people get one. However, with the development of technology, online financial advisors have been developed. And because it is automatic, robo-advisors charge you almost the same as with other investors. With robo-advisors, you can be assured that you are only paying for the service that you’re getting, and no more extra fees. Besides, robo-advisors calculate the charges using algorithms that read your status and your availed service, so you can be assured to get an objective and well-calculated calculated fees.

2. Easier Investing

When the robo-advisor has gotten your profile, it can easily read your financial state and can right away give you investment recommendations. Traditional advisors may refer to their “gut feels” on giving you advice on investments, but robo-advisors give you financial advice based on the market and investment patterns. This gives you a more objectified advice that is based on your best interest and financial capability.


Traditional financial advisers also prefer more financially capable clients which filter the majority of people such as in the UK. But with an online financial advisor, you can get help on managing your finances for your best interest at a less expensive rate and in a more convenient way.