5 Richest Airlines In The World

5 Richest Airlines In The World


Services in every airline are unique in some ways. This is why the airfare costs hugely depend on the various types of services they provide. From luxurious first-class seats, premium entertainment, and private lounges, here are the richest airlines in the world.


It is the largest and one of the wealthiest airlines in the Middle East, Emirates fly to over 150 international destinations, carrying passengers in their modern fleets of Boeing 77 and Airbus A380s airplanes. It is the 5th in the Global rank in terms of revenue. Just this year, it has been awarded as the best airline in the world due to its top-notch customer services. Aside from that, Emirates has already won over 500 awards internationally.

Turkish Airlines

Not only considered as one of the wealthiest airlines in the world, Turkish Airlines is also among the best. They offer flights to over 280 destinations on six continents. This airline is very popular for their library, prayer room, kid’s playground, teleconference area, and including a relaxation section equipped with massage beds and showers. Turkish Airlines has been valued with an estimate of a whopping $3,000,000,000. It has received several achievement awards mainly because of the level of experience Turkish Airlines have been providing to their customers.

Cathay Pacific Airways

A Hongkong-based airline, Cathay Pacific Airways offer their services to more than 52 international destinations, and providing flights to more than 200 destinations in the world! Their fleet has over 146 airplanes. Their first-class lounge has recently been awarded due to its pretty cabins with tubs, a sit-down resto, and a champagne bar. Their passengers have repeatedly praised their services both on-bard and on the ground.

Singapore Airlines

Another big name in the airline industry, Singapore Airlines is popular for their amazingly comfortable and roomy airplanes. Being included in our list is mainly due to their fleet size of over 105 and aircraft types they currently own. They possess an Airbus A380 which is among the biggest passenger carrier crafts in the world. Aside from passenger aircraft, they also own cargo airplanes. Last year, Singapore Airlines have been awarded the distinguished “Asia’s Leading Airline-First Class” because of their quality services they offer to their passengers. An airline’s services surely paves a way for airlines to stand out in the competition.

Qatar Airways

Considered as the wealthiest airline in the world, Qatar Airways provide services to over 150 international destinations. They have the grandest airplanes and they pride their best-in-class services; entertainment and comfort. The very first airline to land an Airbus A350 in the US, Qatar Airways now have a fleet of more than 200 airplanes. Their modern airplanes and exceptional services have brought Qatar Airways to the top of several airline charts, including 5-star ratings and many other recognitions.