Cannabis Anatomy: Top Marijuana Components

Marijuana can be considered as a dream of a scientist. This is not only because of the different undiscovered components, but also because of uniqueness of each of the minerals and components, which has been discovered. The effects of top marijuana components can help in a variety of illnesses.

However, what gives marijuana its abilities to heal and have such effect? Let’s have a look at the top marijuana components and how they are helpful.

CBD can also help you to curb a number of diseases


THC is also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, and is one of the chemical components of marijuana. If you are using marijuana for recreational purposes, you would find that it is one of the top marijuana components in your cannabis.

However, THC also has some medicinal effects. It can be used to alleviate pain and nausea, and even in cancer and chronic pain treatment.


This is yet another one of the top marijuana components, which has become most known over the years. CBD stands for cannabidol, and comes with several medical properties. It also has anti – inflammatory and anti – psychotic features. Additionally, CBD can also help you to curb a number of diseases without getting  too high. This is why CBD finds its use more in the medical field, compared to other top marijuana components.


Cannabinol is one of the lesser known marijuana components. It is created when THC is exposed to continuous light and oxygen. CBN has mild psychoactive effects, but when combined with THC, it can produce great psychoactive effects for patients. Although its medicinal uses are limited, it can be used for patients suffering from glaucoma, insomnia and inflammation.


This is yet another top marijuana products, which are not that common. When it comes to marijuana, be it for medical or recreational uses, we tend to know about THC and CBD. However, there are other compounds, which contribute to the medical benefits of marijuana. The CBC is one such component. CBC stands for cannabichrome, and is the second most abundant component of marijuana. It not only stimulates brain growth, but also helps fight cancer, and inhibits the growth of tumor. Additionally, it also has anti – inflammatory and anti – viral properties.


Although flavonoid is one of the top marijuana components, it can also be found in other natural products. Cannabis contains more than 20 different flavonoids, which are common to other plants. Some specific flavonoids like cannaflavins can be found only in cannabis plants and come with anti – inflammatory and anti – oxidant properties.

CBC stands for cannabichrome


CBG is one of the top marijuana components, which is found in early medical marijuana plant growth cycle.  It is not abundant, and definitely not pshycoactive. This is why CBG is used for several medical conditions like psoriasis, as an antidepressant, tranquilizer, pain reliever and anti – biotic.

So, now that you know about the top marijuana components, it is time to get hold of some medicinal marijuana and cure yourself of your ailments. However, before you do that, get yourself checked by a physician, visit to learn about marijuana, and follow the recommended dosages only. It is better to vary the dose unless you are comfortable with it.